Safer Inks Save On Regulatory Costs

Safer Inks Save on Regulatory Costs

Many different organizations, from the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and other entities in Europe and Asia, work on comprehensive plans to ensure the safety of flexible packaging printing.

RadTech Europe, for example, makes an effort to educate the printers and manufacturers on what current legislation applies to different industries. From RadTech's website: "As the European association for UV & Electron Beam curing technology, RadTech Europe (RTE) actively represents the common interests of its members towards decision makers at European level."

Some of the legislation covers restrictions on chemical substances, the classification, labeling and packaging of substances and mixtures, restrictions on the use of hazardous substances in electrical and electronic equipment, food contact legislation, health and safety requirements, and the VOC Solvents Emissions Directive, among others.

Due to all of the regulation and legislation, more and more printers are switching to new technology that offers cost reduction, a greener platform, and less regulatory and insurance costs.

Gelflex-EB ink, for example, produces very little volatile organic compounds, is FDA compliant, and is safe for operators to handle. Gelflex Electron Beam inks also has the lowest odor, taint, and extractable levels.

The new eBeam ink for CI flexo results in a 90% reduction in solvent emissions, and a 60% reduction in ink consumption, to go along with the lowest total print cost and the Gravure-like quality.

Get Gelflex-EB ink so you don't have to worry about your production being impacted by more stringent regulation in the future.