5 Steps To Cut Flex Packaging Printing Costs

5 Steps to Cut Flex Packaging Printing Costs

At the end of the day, profit margins dictate economic policy, process and effectiveness. The best companies, however, find a way to make money without compromising the final product, their clients' goals or their stance on clean and green business practices. It is the same in the world of flexible packaging printing.

Within the philosophy of growing your company without compromising your stance, here are five easy ways to cut your flexo packaging costs while still producing an amazing printed product:

1. Cut material waste—lessen those expense numbers by finding methods that don't produce unnecessary leftovers. With Gelflex-EB ink and eBeam curing, you use less ink and can dramatically increase you ink savings.

2. Produce better images—you can attract more clients and show that your process is superior with Gelflex-EB ink, which has smaller dots and cleaner images.

3. Create a safer printing environment—decrease your emissions by 90% and Gelflex-EB is safe for operators to handle. Then you can save on regulatory and insurance costs.

4. Eliminate excess dyers—with Gelflex-EB ink, all interstation dryers are eliminated. Only one electron beam dryer is required at the end of the press.

5. Speed up print time—don’t deal with thermal distortion; with Gelflex-EB ink, you have quick color matching and 60% less color ink laydown.