Evolution Of Printing Inks

Evolution of Printing Inks

Humans love progress. We love to tweak, change, plan, engineer, construct and constantly improve upon our processes and work. It's no different in the ever-changing world of flexible packaging printing. Over the decades, both printers and manufactures have looked to refine the operation to lower costs, make a safer working environment and produce a better final product.

As a result, the "ink tryouts" emerged, where innovation and implementation became the focus, and the flexible packing market went through water-based, solvent inks and others until there was a breakthrough.

Energy Sciences Inc. (ESI) created a new approach to flexible packaging ink through electron beam(EB) technology. The new revolution was labeled Gelflex-EB, and its goal was to reduce costs, increase productivity and produce better image quality through use of electron beam.

Gelflex-EB ink uses less ink and as a result there is significant savings in terms of waste and ink. Productivity also increases with eBeam curing through eliminating interstation dryers and decreasing emissions 90%.

The future of flexo packaging ink has arrived—Gelflex-EB.