Case Study EB Used Flexible Packaging Part II

Case Study—EB Used in Flexible Packaging, Part II

In order to meet the consumer demand and that of the client, The Lithotype Company continuously reviews their printing and coating operation.

Lithotype serves many different industries, including food packaging. That covers the different ice cream novelties you see in the freezer section of the grocery store, along with stand-up pouches of drinks, and lid stocks.

With the addition of an offset press and the EZ Cure to print and cure film with eBeam-curable inks and coatings, Lithotype was able to take on additional jobs and complete them in a more efficient and affordable manner.

“The customer can expect dramatically increased print fidelity—including greater detail and contrast, better registration, and more brilliant and accurate colors,” said a Lithotype marketing and product development executive.

The results have been great for the company and it all comes down to electron beam. A lot of converters use water-based or solvents with their flexo presses. Solvents are an outdated and unhealthy method. With electron beam ink, you get a higher resolution and tonal value. There is up to a quarter less energy consumption and only one dryer is needed at the end of the press.