Case Study EB Used Flexible Packaging Part_

Case Study—EB Used in Flexible Packaging, Part I


A company in San Francisco needed a breakthrough in their operational procedures in order to compete and grow. This is the goal of almost every business, but in their industry, radical improvement is usually contingent on technology changes and improvements.

The Lithotype Company deals in “supplying high quality printed flexible packaging.” It is a highly competitive industry—just go into any grocery store and looks at the thousands of labels, colors, designs and package types.

eleLithotype believes that a product’s packaging can have just as big of an impact as what’s inside—the consumer associates quality with how well the carton looks. For over 45 years, Lithotype has attempted to set the standard in lithographic and flexographic printing. In order to achieve superior quality end products for their customers in a cost effective manner, they continue to rely on electron beam technology (eBeam) to differentiate themselves.

Some time ago, Lithotype bought an eight-color offset press and an EZ Cure electron beam unit that has the capabilities to surface print and coat a whole range of surfaces. The EZ Cure can surface print and coat mono-web, polyester and polypropylene films. This versatility leads to faster turnaround of customer orders.