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10 years ago, it was hard to imagine that social media would be a place where all businesses needed to be to connect with customers for their products. Social media gives the consumer a place to leave comments, critiques, opinions, suggestions and reviews about a company.

With all that feedback, the business can get a better feel of what their target market really needs and wants, as well as, get ideas on how to infiltrate new markets and demographics.


“The World Leader in Electron Beam Technology,” Energy Sciences Inc. (ESI), is no exception, and ESI wants to share industry news and engage with you. Here’s how to be totally connected to the latest eBeam information:

Facebook: Like our posts, comment and share. Learn about how the market has changed and what to look forward to in the future.

Twitter: Join the ongoing conversation with industry leaders about how to improve your operation and grow your profit margin.

YouTube: Seeing is believing. Check out the informative videos so you get a better understanding of the EB industry.

LinkedIn: The World Leader is on the world’s largest professional network.

Google+: Did you just start an interesting discussion? Let ESI know about it.