EB Best Blown Film Extrusion_

EB the Best for Blown Film Extrusion

More and more companies are catching on to the benefits and efficiency of electron beam technology. With just one EB machine, you can perform blown film extrusion, flexo printing, web offset printing and laminating.


When it comes to processing blown film, electron beam is the best choice for your day-to-day operations. For starters, EB is “super clean technology,” as labeled by the South Coast Air Quality Management District in California, and crosslinking is a proven process for achieving desired film properties.

Electron beam is the best when it comes to your environmental impact and the safety of your operation. You will spend less on regulatory and insurance costs, and there are no VOCs or harmful emissions, like you would have with conventional solvent based inks.

Within the industry, film is separated into two categories, flat film and blown film. With blown film, it is necessary to formulate the right resin mixture and supply any additives for controlling the film production and desired properties. With eBeam, everything becomes easier and more precise, so your blown film extrusion operation is accomplished in a quick and cost-effective manner. ESI has many years of experience in crosslinking and can help you get to your end product goal faster.