EB Technology Connect Millennial

EB Technology is Connecting with the Millennial Generation


The Millennial generation is driving an incredible amount of change in the world today through their various, unique lifestyles that interact with brands in new ways. As a growing population in America, Millennials are setting trends with what they want to see from businesses including green products/packaging and more variety in their overall product selection.

According to a recent study, 80% of Millennials consider packaging to be an important part of their purchasing criteria and they also represent over 50% of the total consumers willing to pay more for sustainable products. They also expect sustainability from their favorite brands throughout the entire supply chain of all products. With such a high awareness and interest in the packaging process it is important for printing companies to not only be aware but also to begin to shift themselves into this new direction within the modern world. How does EBeam (EB) technology help do just that? The answer is simple: by providing an eco-friendly solution capable of quick short runs.


The first step in making a product more eco-friendly is to cut down the amount of waste created during packaging.  ebeam curing uses almost NO heat to cure.  This means there’s very little temperature rise in the web.  Consequently, EB curing results in substantially less waste on thermal sensitive and extensible substrates. No longer should printers have the expectation of needing extra materials to safeguard against a 10-15% total of “spoiled” products per run. Not only is this good for the environment but it also has the additional benefit of helping to decrease overall operating costs.

Short Runs, Quick Turnaround, and Less Waste

Thanks to the web offset printing process and the benefits of computer-to-plate pre-press technology, electron beam web offset can handle shorter and shorter runs more cost effectively.  Printers are now able to produce quick small print runs which not only allow for customized printing but also increase the ability for products to quickly adapt to any new changes in the supply chain. With both of these options, printers can offer their clients the ability to create an increased breath of product which aligns with Millennials’ desire for personalized or specialty items. In addition, if a sudden change in the market creates an undesired opinion for a particular piece, it can be swiftly removed (or replaced) in the printing press and placed on hold indefinitely or until such time when the market’s attitude towards it shifts into a more positive perspective.

Environmental Footprint

EB inks and coatings are 100% solids technology.  The inks use NO SOLVENTS.  Not only do printers use less inks when they print electron beam but they also don’t have any emissions issues from either destructing solvents, or drying and collecting them; both of which are energy intensive, and add no value to the end product.

Overall EB technology is the best option for printers who want to be able to cater to clients that are involved in an ever changing environment where Millennials’ have a large influence. If you want to learn more on how EB technology can help to modernize your printing or packaging business contact us today.