EB Web Offset Benefits Explained Part II

EB Web Offset Benefits Explained, Part II

In Part I of this post, the environmental and safety aspects of the electron beam benefits were explained. Overall cost reduction is another big factor along with the ability to add more visual enhancements to the packages themselves.

There are four main modes when looking at electron beam printing and decorating systems: laminating, cold foil transfer, overprint coating, and cast and cure holographic embossing.

When looking at laminates, ebeam offers the best method and final product.

“EB technology enables the instant curing of coatings and adhesion of laminates to a packaging surface, providing a high gloss and inherent durability that is not possible with other curing technologies,” reported Flex Pack Magazine.

These benefits give package producers confidence as there is an increase in overall package strength as well as scratch and tear resistance.

The electron beam benefits continue for cold foil transfer, and cast and cure.

“This environmentally friendly process is VOC-free and helps make packages more recyclable by eliminating the laminated, metalized films used in traditional holographic processes,” Flex Pack reported.