Electron Beam Crosslinking Improves Final Product

Electron Beam Crosslinking Improves Final Product

Crosslinking itself is not a new scientific methodology. It has long been a part of the world of electron beam, by providing a better way to cost effectively polymerize films.


There are a lot of materials that have long polymer chains. Electron beam dosing is the process of connecting those chains through the act of crosslinking. When EB crosslinking is used, there are many benefits to the producer and the manufacturer.

The mechanical properties of the film see an instant improvement as tensile strength, for example, is enhanced. Packages that utilize electron beam crosslinking look better longer on the shelves. That is a result of the high scratch resistance with eBeam.

There is also a high chemical resistance due to the lowered solubility in organic solvent. That resistance allows you do to more with your packaging and products.

Crosslinking makes web-based materials stronger and more flexible. With shape memory retention, they return to how they were formed originally, even after going through an expansion process.

Add a lot of value for your customer’s by producing a better film product through electron beam crosslinking.