Packing Aimed Older Market Part

Packing Aimed at an Older Market, Part I

By now, most people in the flexible packaging world have seen with their own eyes or at least heard about how dynamic the packages themselves have become. The reason: trying to meet an ever-growing demand from the consumer.

The customer in the grocery story today needs to have containers and cartons that pop off the shelves. The packaging must be able to stand the transportation effects as well, by not getting easily scratched or torn. The packages must also be able to be frozen, wet, heated and everything in between. Electron beam cured materials offer enhanced attributes to packages.

Currently, printers and package makers are looking at demographics individually. For example, the senior demographic is full of consumers that require less hassle and more functionality. And it is a market share that can’t be ignored.

Size and shape are just two aspects flexible packaging printers will need to address.

“Brands and retailers looking to maximize sales to 'Elder Boomers' can also focus on the size of the packaging seniors carry home—or don't. Older consumers may not be keen on struggling down the sidewalk schlepping giant-sized bundles of cereal,” reported Suley Muratoglu of

Consider that Research and Markets has estimated that by 2018, foods, vitamins and other meals will be a $75 billion dollar industry, the time to implement new approaches and printing strategies is now.