High Gas Barrier Problem Electron Beam

High Gas Barrier No Problem for Electron Beam

Electron beam curing continues to be used with more applications and industries. One of the main driving forces behind that momentum is all of the different uses electron beam technology can be applied to in order to achieve maximum results.


An example of the range of electron beam is with EB having the ability to cure surface print on high gas barrier films. That includes multilayer monoweb coextruded films as well.

Packaging companies are always looking for ways to cut costs and to simplify their substrates. eBeam curing allows for an easier process by going from reverse printed laminations to high gas barrier, multilayer monoweb coextruded films.

An added benefit of dealing with these types of films is that you can accomplish surface printing with or without the first down white. Your inks, varnishes, and first down white can all be cured with EB.

Simplify your packaging operation with electron beam while becoming more environmentally conscious and reducing your costs.