Fda Changing Sterilization Laws_

FDA Changing Food Sterilization Laws

Do you work in the food packaging business? Do you print on packages? Are you the owner of the product or the seller of the food in your store? When the FDA changes policy, it affects everyone.

The goal of the Food and Drug Administration is to ensure people are eating healthy and safe food. Sometimes, the food itself is fine, but becomes spoiled or compromised due to bad packaging or shipping.

When it comes to sanitation and cleanliness, the FDA wants to ensure there’s little room for error. The LA Times reported that the FDA will now “require proof from manufacturers that new devices can be cleaned reliably.”

How can you ensure you will be following the new regulations? By making sure you are using ebeam technology in your operation. For cleanliness and food safety , there is no better and more complete method than with electron beam. Electron beam is also 100% safe for use with food, so you will always be in FDA compliance.