New Sales Show Offset Ci8 Growth

New Sales Show Offset CI8 Growth

Anytime you have a great product or service, you hope that the product sells itself. But sometimes you need to add a little extra push to help ensure consumers and companies understand the value of what you are offering.

The Comexi Offset CI8 with Electron Beam is a revolutionary press that has been on display in Italy for the past several months. Through an open house event, press releases, email blasts, and everything in between, there was an open invitation for anyone to come inspect the machine for themselves and to see the benefits and difference firsthand.

As a result, two companies in Europe have purchased the new Electron Beam Offset CI8 units for use in their packaging and labeling processes. The sustainable, high-quality printing concept allows businesses to meet the ever-changing print demands of their customers. The Offset technology is incorporated into the central impression drum and therefore the process is very unique to the market.

The new machines will be located in Austria and Eastern Europe and the companies will benefit by having a sustainable solution for printing environmentally responsible products while still maintaining high quality standards.

The CI8 with eBeam will also provide offset variable lengths and central impression drum printing in one single press. When you want the press that can do it all, you want the Comexi Offset CI8.