Web Offset Best Part I

Why Web Offset is the Best, Part I

There are a lot of different printing applications, processes, and types of facilities. And all of these are trying to meet the needs of the customer or CPG, and ultimately the consumer..

For one printer, the main issue could be overall cost. For another cost may not be the biggest factor but speed, quality, and safety might be the biggest issues. No matter what you are doing or what you need, Web Offset printing fills many needs.

Web Offset is a preferred printing method for companies looking to cut costs and to improve their overall quality.

When compared to digital printing, Web Offset provides better print quality. Offset printers use ink instead of toner, so the finished product is sharper, crisper and has finer lines. The final print product looks better with electron beam Web Offset.

If you are printing a large volume or dealing with big orders, Web Offset is the most cost-effective way to print. Regardless of how many impressions you need to print, the cost to create the impression plate is less than flexo or gravure. Quick changeovers give you the ability to run more jobs while offering outstanding quality.

Companies that need to fill large orders and want to cut down on costs while providing a better looking image should consider Web Offset as the optimal printing method.