How Brand Owners Can Optimize Packaging Part I

How Brand Owners Can Optimize Packaging, Part I

The idea of a brand has evolved over the decades. 100 years ago, your brand was the wooden sign outside of your store. Then advertising allowed for companies to place their brands on billboards, in magazines, and on radio and television. The digital explosion put brands on websites and on mobile devices.

But through all of these changes and opportunities for businesses to show their products and services, one truth has remained: consumers still had to actually buy the product for the brand exposure to have the desired result.

With that in mind, it did not take long for companies to realize that the very package in which they delivered their products could be used as a brand and a marketing tool. The energy drink manufacturer, Red Bull, is a perfect example of this.

The 12 ounce soft drink can followed a pretty universal shape and dimensions. Then Red Bull thought, what if we made the can smaller, skinnier and with a distinct color pattern of silver and red? It didn't take long before they were selling four packs of 8-ounce drinks at a higher price than six packs of 12- ounce drinks.

It became clear that how you package your product will have a big impact on your brand and sales.

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