Conventional Solvent Based Inks Dying

Why Conventional Solvent Based Inks Are Dying


There was a time in Flexo printing where price was the most important factor. How could my company print in the most cost-effective way possible? With that goal in mind, some printers opted to sacrifice quality and safety for a better bottom line by going with solvent based inks. Now, with recent advancements in electron beam (EB) technology, conventional solvent based inks are all but a thing of the past.

Let's look at some key factors that have lead to the declining solvent industry. One, the quality is dramatically improved upon by going with EB inks over solvents. Gelflex-EB, for example, produces higher resolution and tonal value compared to conventional solvent based ink.

Two, EB inks now have the lowest total print cost along with 25 percent less energy consumption. Save money while you produce a better print product with EB ink.

Three, with a 90 percent reduction in solvent emissions and a 60 percent reduction in ink consumption, Gelflex EB ink offers the environmentally-friendly platform your customers want and expect. Save money on capital expenditures for thermal oxidizers, and permitting and regulatory expenses.

Lastly, electron beam inks are FDA compliant, and produce the lowest odor, taint, and extractable levels of any ink on the market today.

Conventional solvent based inks simply are no longer a cost-effective or efficient method for Flexo printing.