Packing Aimed Older Market Part II

Packing Aimed at an Older Market, Part II

The life expectancy around the world continues to rise. From a marketing and manufacturing perspective, there seems to almost be a new generation of consumers due to the fact that people are living longer lives.

In flexible packaging, as the consumer and needs change, so do the cartons. It takes both foresight and implementation to make sure you are ahead of the competition.

Printers and manufacturers should think about changing the size and portions of their products to better accommodate the growing senior market. Here’s what Suley Muratoglu wrote about the taking advantage of the senior market:

“Creating products with seniors in mind is another smart way of opening a door into this lucrative market. For instance, in Japan, in 2013, the ubiquitous baby food company Kewpie introduced a selection of soft, deli-style foods aimed at seniors who may find it challenging to chew tougher food. According to The Wall Street Journal, Kewpie’s 'Tender Menu' includes more than 50 items, graded by 'degrees of chewability.' The company expects to earn $28 million in its first three years.”

Another thing to consider is that the senior consumer might be buying grocery products from their homes. Peapod, for example, delivered over 23 million grocery orders in 2014. So even though an older person might not be picking up the carton and placing it in a cart, they still will be using and moving the product in their home. Therefore it needs to be lightweight and have the proper portions. eBeam printing and curing is used on all types of packaging, including lightweight flexible packaging that does not require a rigid outer shell.