Comparing Digital Offset Printing Part II

Comparing Digital and Offset Printing, Part II

While it is true that there have been advancements to digital printing, the bottom line is that Offset printing is still a better method for both cost and quality for the print market. But let’s look at the specifics that illustrate why Offset is the better option.

Offset provides more savings as the print run increases. The unit cost drops as the print quantity increases. When it comes to sheer volume, digital presses simply can’t compete with the production metrics or quality.

Image quality is further increased by the fact that many presses utilize computer-to-plate systems instead of the old way of computer-to-film. And the high quality look can be transferred to different materials as well.

If you need to print on special paper or are looking for a printing process that will allow you the most flexibility, then electron beam Offset is the optimal method for your operation.

When it comes to colors, color matching, and overall brilliance, Offset can’t be beat. When printing only black or two ink colors, Offset will yield the most savings through the run. Also, digital printers can be less accurate when it comes to matching colors on certain projects.

The best way to print and at the lowest cost is with eBeam offset printing.