2 Million Available Ebuv Projects

$2 Million Available for EB/UV Projects


For anyone looking to change, upgrade or improve their operating facility with new technology, now is the perfect time. One, you can stay ahead of the competition, and two, you can dramatically offset your capital costs through a new program being offered by the State of New York.

The New York State Energy Research and Development Authority (NYSERDA) “invites proposals for projects that develop, demonstrate or commercialize innovative radiation (rad)-cure technologies, comprising ultraviolet (UV), visible light and/or electron beam (EB), that provide an energy benefit to a manufacturing process in New York State,” according to the Program Opportunity Notice (PON) 2858.

This opportunity is great for an organization that wants to reduce their operating costs while implementing new technology that is centered around environmental responsibility.

Grant money is limited so the time to apply is now. To see if this new advanced technology works for your business, contact Paul Hendry at sales@ebeam.com.

In business, companies that take advantage of opportunities, especially when it involves hundreds of thousands of dollars that can be given to them to improve their operations, rise to the top. eBeam technology has a proven history of giving world leaders the technology they need to stay ahead of the curve.