Advancements In Flexible Packaging Part II

Advancements in Flexible Packaging, Part II

Packaging and pouches are only becoming more dynamic in the world of flexible packaging printing. The cause is twofold—one, the people that make the products that go into the package want to set themselves apart. The thinking is that the more original, unique, and useful the package can become, the more consumers will want to buy it.

Second, consumers are responding to different packages and displays, and are actually buying the newer, more trendy package designs. As a result, the printing operations that can handle different design options get the new and recurring revenue.

Flexible packaging needs to be scratch and abrasion resistant, withstand heating and cooling, stand up against condensation while in the fridge, and other normal storage conditions.

Energy Sciences Inc (ESI) and our eBeam technology has risen to the challenge on the technical and machine side, so printing operations can produce the best quality products with the lowest total cost of ownership.

The EZ Cure offers the most extensive standard low voltage product line up of electron beam curing systems, and the ElectroCure is the most proven custom high voltage line up. When it comes to needing the best equipment for CI Flexo lines, nothing beats ESI's FlexoBeam unit.

You can view the FlexoBeam speeds, web widths, and voltage ranges.

When you need to keep up with the ever-changing flexible packaging market, make sure you have the equipment that can get the job done perfectly and cost-effectively. Electron beam is the solution for you.