Advancements In Flexible Packaging Part I

Advancements in Flexible Packaging, Part I

The key to a successful flexible packaging printing operation is achieving two goals: great print quality and having low print costs. The industry has been trying to find new ways to achieve those goals through new inks, machines, applications, and processes.

Not all so-called advancements are the same, however. Here's a quick look at some of the major industry changes, starting with ink evolution and electron beam technology.

Many printing operations are going away from solvent inks for the overall cost to the operation, health of plant personnel, and environmental quality issues. A new revolution in flexible packaging ink has been GelFlex-EB ink from Energy Sciences Inc. and Technosolutions.

The main selling points of Gelflex is the ability to have year-over -year cost reductions, savings on both ink and waste, increased productivity, and most importantly a better image quality. When you look at GelFlex-EB ink compared to conventional solvent ink, there are even more benefits.

GelFlex EB inks with ebeam curing is superior to solvent ink because GelFlex produces Gravure-like quality, lowest total print cost, has a green platform, and the fact that the new ink produces a safer and cleaner working environment.