Web Offset Shifts To Flex Pack Printing Part II

Web Offset Shifts to Flex Pack Printing, Part II

Food and beverage manufacturers are after a couple of things when it comes to the printing of their products: one, compliance with their own set of standards, and two, creating a process that is more cost effective, safe, and environmentally conscious.

In Part One of this blog we talked about the importance of printers complying with the company's own set of industry standards. "We always keep our suppliers updated about those requirements,” said Dr. Stephane Papilloud of Nestle.

Part Two will focus on what changes and new technologies can be implemented to bring about the goal of a better printed product for less money.

Electron beam (EB) inks have revolutionized the flexible packaging industry. GelFlex-EB from ESI, for example, doesn't require photoinitiators, thus eliminating migration. GelFlex-EB and eBeam curing is also better for the environment as emissions are reduced by 90 percent compared to conventional solvent based inks.

CI Flexo printing operations that implement GelFlex and similar electron beam inks have less regulatory and insurance costs to deal with as well. The extensive and demanding exhaust air treatment, explosion prevention, and similar regulations won't concern your operation when you use EB inks. Lower insurance costs soon follow these process changes to your operation.