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Ink Use Part II

If you aren’t using the best possible ink for your CI Flexo application, then you are losing money and your customers will soon be going to the competition for a better alternative.

When it comes to CI Flexo, the safest ink that produces the lowest cost of ownership is electron beam ink. Specifically, GelFlex-EB ink can give you the quality and cost you want in your operation.

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Ink Use Part I

When it comes to Flexo printing, Web Offset printing, and the application of coatings and laminating adhesives, the process is very important to ensure quality and to keep costs down. The type of ink used, for example, can have a big impact on your bottom line and the success of your company.

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Web Offset Shifts To Flex Pack Printing Part II

Food and beverage manufacturers are after a couple of things when it comes to the printing of their products: one, compliance with their own set of standards, and two, creating a process that is more cost effective, safe, and environmentally conscious.

In Part One of this blog we talked about the importance of printers complying with the company's own set of industry standards. "We always keep our suppliers updated about those requirements,” said Dr. Stephane Papilloud of Nestle.

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