How Brand Owners Can Optimize Packaging Part II

How Brand Owners Can Optimize Packaging, Part II

As was the case with Red Bull and other unique packaging initiatives, a company can perpetuate their brand with unique packaging. Today's cutting-edge printing applications that use electron beam (EB) technology will be able to offer their clients more options and flexibility for their final product.

Do you need high scratch and abrasion resistance? Does your label need to be able to endure the cold, hot and/or wet conditions through either transportation or while sitting on the shelf? Brand owners need to consider all of those factors to achieve maximum results.

"Some of the practical concerns brand owners have to consider that involve product packaging include: product identification, presentation and storage, conservation against environmental factors, protection against contaminants and anti-counterfeiting," reported Penny Holland of Flexible Packaging Magazine.

One of the best ways to ensure your brand is utilizing the innovative packaging solutions is by going with the best electron beam inks and coatings.

Gelflex-EB, for example, produces Gravure-like quality, offers the lowest total print cost and is safe for food.

Get the best ink option for your flexible packaging needs with Gelflex-EB and eBeam curing from ESI.