Esis EB World Leader

Why ESI’s the EB World Leader


For decades, Energy Sciences Inc. has been the “world leader in electron beam (EB) technology.” And that’s not some catchy marketing slogan—ESI takes electron beam innovation to the next level and shares the concepts and ideas around the globe.

To begin with, ESI can find a way to improve your process by adding electron beam technology. ESI excels in the packaging market, for example, because through new inks and machines, printers are able to print on different kinds of packages to stay aligned with the consumer need.


ESI also has a foothold on cross-linking, specialty applications, tires, and EB is the optimal method when it comes to sterilization. Beyond the markets, ESI has specific applications for electron beam. Curing of EB Flexo Inks, EB Offset Inks, eBeam Coatings and EB Laminating Adhesives all improve the overall quality of the process, cut costs, and are a safer and greener method.

Want to improve your production in a way that is more affordable and is better for the work environment? Contact ESI now to see how you can dramatically improve what you do with the world leader in electron beam—ESI.