Hot Seal Heading For Flexible Packaging

Hot Seal Heading for Flexible Packaging

If there has been one constant in the world of flexible packaging, it's that fact that innovation rules. Seemingly every month there is a new carton, package or label design that requires new technology to print it.

Recently, hot sealing has become popular within the flexible packaging industry.

"Film converters are under constant pressure to downgauge the sealant layer without compromising the seal integrity. And laminators and pouch manufacturers are constantly striving to shorten cycle times on packaging lines to maintain efficiency," reported Nirav Desai of Flexible Packaging Magazine.

How do you get shorter, more efficient cycles and production? With electron beam (EB) technology from Energy Sciences Inc. (ESI). In the world of flexible packaging, ESI offers less waste, energy use and money spent on regulatory costs. Only one electron beam dryer is required at the end of the press so everything is accomplished quicker and cleaner.

When you want less dot gain and Gravure-like quality in flexible packaging, then you need to upgrade your system to eBeam technology from Energy Sciences Inc.