Web Offset Need Continues Growth 2

Web Offset Need Continues Growth

Every month there seems to be a new Web Offset application that has popped up out of nowhere. The demand for high quality Web Offset machines and better technology to perform the operations more quickly and more cost-efficiently is at an all-time high.

Look at newspaper printing, for example. The rise of digital information (the majority of people now get their news from online news sources, Twitter, homepages, etc.), a lot of printing news publications have limited their press runs, stop printing all together or have switched to a different format. The need for Web Offset for these applications still exists, it just a matter of accommodating the change. "Father and son owners Jack and John Batdorff not only believe that the future of hyper local newspapers is bright, but that there is still an important need for web offset printing, as well," reported PI World Magazine about the rise of Web Offset in different industries.

Consumer product companies now offer many varieties of their product which means more SKU numbers, many different packaging designs, and shorter print runs. Web offset print technology is ideally suited to tackle these challenges in a cost effective way. In order to meet the changing demand in the web offset marketplace, companies like Energy Sciences Inc. have created different EB systems for web offset presses to meet the industry needs.

There are different electron beam EZ Cure systems for: thin, extensible webs, low cost high speed Offset lines, ultra compact in-line applications, thicker board stock used in folding carton converting, and many more uses.

Take advantage of the continued growth of Web Offset printing with the latest electron beam curing technology from ESI.