Ink Use Part II

What Ink Do You Use? Part II

If you aren’t using the best possible ink for your CI Flexo application, then you are losing money and your customers will soon be going to the competition for a better alternative.

When it comes to CI Flexo, the safest ink that produces the lowest cost of ownership is electron beam ink. Specifically, GelFlex-EB ink can give you the quality and cost you want in your operation.

From the chemical side, you don’t have to deal with extractables or photoinitiators. You will be able to run faster and smoother as you only have one dryer at the end of press.

When you reduce your heat, you also decrease the amount of waste you produce. You can run thin films, down to 9 micron, and lower quality papers and board materials.

And remember that with electron beam technology, the cure is instantaneous. There is also a stable C.O.F., and other mechanical properties such as improved scratch resistance and chemical resistance. All of this translates to a package that catches your eye and can withstand the rigors of the store shelves.

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