Flexible Packaging Future Part I

Flexible Packaging Future, Part I

The packaging industry continues to grow for two main reasons: one, you have to put your products into something, and two, consumers use packaging as a basis for their decisions when choosing something to buy.

Around the globe, the packaging market is estimated at $450 billion, with no sign of slowing down. A lot of companies have been noticing this trend and want to get ahead of the game as it relates to Flex Pack.

Printers and manufacturers need their packages to meet the new demands and restrictions. Some of the new packaging trends include:

•Materials that are significantly lighter than before

•Run times that are shorter

•A focus or reducing or eliminating migration

•Make that converting process simpler and smoother

In order to meet these new needs, innovation needed to happen at the material level, as it related to the physical properties. For more information on electron beam, or to request an eBeam pilot line, click the button below.