Pouches Taking Supermarket Shelves Part I

Pouches Taking Over Supermarket Shelves, Part I

The next time you are buying groceries or simply picking up something at the store, take a moment to look around. It should be pretty easy to notice how the packages have changed in the last five years, let alone the last decade.

There are a couple of major factors that have contributed to the evolution of the package. One, the producers and manufacturers are constantly looking at their bottom line. How to get the most profit through reducing the cost of the packaging.

Using responsible materials that cut costs help companies grow along with presenting products in new, appealing ways. That is accomplished through implementing new technologies and presenting the buying public with new designs and looks.

The pouch package is emerging as one of those new trends that looks to boost sales and create a more environmentally friendly manufacturing process. Electron beam curing is one of the eco-friendly business processes that companies are using to improve their bottom line.

“The box pouch features a stable platform for shelf display. This eco-friendly format is shelf stable; has liquid-fill capability; is easily stackable; has five printable surfaces; and uses 12 percent less film consumption compared with a conventional stand-up pouch of the same capacity,” reported Flex Pack Magazine.

Companies are now scrambling to meet that demand. To learn about electron beam from our experts, click the button below.