Pouches Taking Supermarket Shelves Part II

Pouches Taking Over Supermarket Shelves, Part II

As more and more different types of packaging options are hitting the store shelves, manufacturers and printers are trying to keep up.

Recently, there has been a switch to better, more cost-effective methods of curing and printing on various packages to meet the demand. Pouch packaging, for example, has seen a dramatic rise in popularity as it can cover a growing number of different product areas.

“Migration from paper and rigid to flexible packaging has grown steadily over the recent years. One example is pet food. Packaging in a pet food store features many packages in plastic pouches (standup pouches), laminated plastic bags and box pouches,” reported Flex Pack Mag.

Meeting the demand means having the best process. Electron beam printing and curing on flexible packages, like pouches, is the optimal method. eBeam offers the lowest total cost of ownership, less plant space is needed, less waste created, and it operates on a green platform.

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