Ink Use Part I

What Ink Do You Use? Part I

When it comes to Flexo printing, Web Offset printing, and the application of coatings and laminating adhesives, the process is very important to ensure quality and to keep costs down. The type of ink used, for example, can have a big impact on your bottom line and the success of your company.

For Inline and CIFlexo operations, electron beam ink is best suited for quality and performance. You are able to produce Gravure-like quality, without the expense and safety concerns around solvent based inks.

Electron beam ink used in Flexo operations will create smaller dots, resulting in sharper, more repeatable images. If you don’t have EB ink right now, switching over is easy as there are less upfront capital costs than other traditional drying technologies.

With eBeam Flexo inks, there is no solvent capture, destruction, or regulatory and extra insurance expenses. It doesn’t cost a premium to get started, either, when you consider capital, material waste, utilities, and ink cost.

As for the final product when using Electron Beam Flexo inks, there is less dot gain. As a result, you will have an expanded color gamut and more vibrant images. Couple that with a greener platform and the fact that the ink is 100% safe for use with food, and your profits will only grow.