Electron Beam Optimal Curing Method

Electron Beam—The Optimal Curing Method


What does everyone want? The best process at the lowest cost. That can be achieved in the curing and printing industries with electron beam technology.

It starts with cost. Your profit and loss statement will look a lot better when you are dealing with less waste. With electron beam, there is less material waste, you don’t need as much manpower and your operating costs will be lowered as well.

The next major factor is quality. No sense in saving money if your clients and their customers aren’t happy. The quality is dramatically increased in almost every single dimension when it comes to electron beam (EB).

While the printing and curing is actually happening, you need a safe and hazard free method for the workers safety, and also to ensure consumer safety after the printing and curing process is complete. eBeam means safe, and as a result you can look forward to less insurance and regulatory costs.

Finally, consider the impact on the environment. With only one dryer required at the end of the press, interstation dyers are eliminated and your work environment becomes much greener. You will use less energy and produce no harmful VOC’s.