Digital Printing Improvements Curable Ink

Digital Printing Improvements with Curable Ink

Scanning graphics applications, flexible packaging, and digital ink jet printing applications have all seen a dramatic improvements over the last decade. The changes have been in large part due to better technology and printing inks.


When talking about specific markets, such as scanning graphics applications where single pass print engines are used, the ink becomes extremely important. Dot gain, bleeding, and spill over can happen very quickly, that’s why the instantaneous cure is so important.

Printers and manufacturers have continued to search for ink that remains in a liquid state in the print head but that will dry instantly on the specific substrate. Electron beam inks can accomplish those specific printing goals.

“Electron beam curing offers several advantages when it can be implemented: very efficient cure of thick layers of ink, better odor and migration performance due to the better cure and removal of photoinitiator,” reported

If your key requirements within a packaging printing application are high speed, low odor, and migration performance, then eBeam inks are the right choice for your company.