Benefits EB Curable Coating

Benefits of EB Curable Coatings

Electron beam technology has been used since the 1960s. It has steadily gained more ground in different industries due to advancements in the technology and the many benefits realized through the large number of operating units.

Materials that can be electron beam cured are solvent-free compositions that harden almost instantaneously. Since no solvents are used, there is no longer a need for large dryers or thermal oxidizers at the end of the press.

Using EB curable coatings will result in a faster line speed along with gaining more floor space. You don’t need as much storage space for finished goods awaiting post cure, and the eBeam units are more compact than traditional methods based around solvents.

When you use EB to cure, you don’t have to worry about printing on heat-sensitive substrates. The low temperature instantaneous cure allows you to work with substrates like wood, paper and plastic.

Cost is another big benefit of going with electron beam. You insurance and regulatory costs will drop and there will be a reduction in the handling of hazards. EB curable coatings are classified as non-flammable liquids. The technology is also compliant on the state and federal levels.

From reducing your costs to no VOCs, there are many benefits of using electron beam curable coatings.