EB Products Daily Life

EB Products in Your Daily Life


Whether you are out driving, at the grocery store, or eating at a restaurant, chances are you are engaging with products that have used electron beam technology. Printing and drying can be accomplished at a faster rate while lowering the overall costs of production with EB.

As a result, many companies have upgraded their press lines and facilities with EB units and are using inks that can be instantly cured. Let’s look at some everyday examples of EB-cured products in use today.

When is the last time you’ve pulled a cold beverage from a cooler? With electron beam, moisture and different temperatures don’t affect the final print product. So the more dynamic the sleeve around the bottle, the bigger chance it was cured by EB.


Have you opened something recently? From a nice bottle of whiskey to chocolate wrappers, the packaging could have been cured with eBeam. Companies selling food love EB because it is safe for use in their industry, has no odor, no migration, and has the highest gloss along with high scratch and abrasion resistance.

The best looking products on the shelves have electron beam technology working for them.