Global Demand Printing Packaging Machinery Billions 2019

In a recent study from The Freedonia Group, Inc., we get a glimpse into the future of printing and packaging. As emerging markets within Asia and South America look for both greater amounts and higher quality packaging, the overall packaging and printing machinery market demand looks to grow 4.6% annually over the next few years and is expected to reach $52.5 billion by 2019. The reasons for this amazing growth are varied and will be outlined below.

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Improve Laminating Process

The printing and laminating industry is in constant flux. There are two main factors that drive that: one, the technology keeps changing and two, the consumer demand continues to change.

Package durability, size, tear and scratch resistance, color, etc., all go into what process is used and how much profits are affected. Companies are looking for the best process that is both safe and profitable.

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Lifetime Support

There are a lot of different things going on in printing and curing operations around the world. Different warehouses and workers dealing with different clients and demands. If something goes wrong, you need immediate help right away— downtime means increased costs, schedule delays, and upset customers.

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Matters Company

The business landscape continues to change. It used to be all about the bottom line, but now companies are being created for all kinds of reasons that go beyond profit.

Some companies are looking to change their environmental approach, others want to change the industry with an increase in quality or process, and some are out to provide a better working environment.

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