Web Offset Need Continues Growth 2

Look at newspaper printing, for example. The rise of digital information (the majority of people now get their news from online news sources, Twitter, homepages, etc.), a lot of printing news publications have limited their press runs, stop printing all together or have switched to a different format. The need for Web Offset for these applications still exists, it just a matter of accommodating the change. "Father and son owners Jack and John Batdorff not only believe that the future of hyper local newspapers is bright, but that there is still an important need for web offset printing, as well," reported PI World Magazine about the rise of Web Offset in different industries.

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Web Offset Shifts To Flex Pack Printing Part II

Food and beverage manufacturers are after a couple of things when it comes to the printing of their products: one, compliance with their own set of standards, and two, creating a process that is more cost effective, safe, and environmentally conscious.

In Part One of this blog we talked about the importance of printers complying with the company's own set of industry standards. "We always keep our suppliers updated about those requirements,” said Dr. Stephane Papilloud of Nestle.

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Web Offset A Great Flexible Packaging Production Solution

Goss International joined with ESI in introducing VPak Offset Press Demonstration Week from October 13 – 17, 2014 at the Goss Packaging Technology Center in Durham, NH.

The advantages of electron beam web offset are numerous and meet the two major challenges currently facing the flexible packaging printing industry today, according to Peter Walczak, Goss Director of Product Management for Packaging Presses.

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